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Peace, Love and Healing

Paving the Way for a Whole New Pure Earth with Mariel

Receiving messages from The Feminine Divine and High Council of Light with ascended master angels. 
I am a passionate mother and grandmother dedicated to the highest good of all I encounter. I serve Yeshua (Jesus Christ)  to raise the Christ Consciousness on the planet through translating and sharing divine messages and light healing.




My Story

Becoming an Experienced Healing Professional

My background as an athlete and working in the fitness industry combined with my nurturing experience in raising my seven children has enriched my life while blessing me to support my family.

Healing my own injuries as well as others' through divine light healing has spiritually enabled me to help others in ways I would have never imagined possible.​ It is my commitment to share that light with others, to bring peace and healing to their lives through my readings and clearing practices.

My mission is to enable others to restore balance, love, peace and harmony in the world. 


A new book from
Mariel Maloney

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