Shifting Into 9th Gear - French Flap Soft Cover Book

Shifting Into 9th Gear - French Flap Soft Cover Book

Awakening in a hospital bed on the heels of a self-destructive spiral, teenage Mariel Maloney is suddenly stunned by the realization that it is time to redirect her life. This pivotal episode sparks a winding, reinvigorated journey into healing and self-discovery, accompanied by her dependable bike. As she deals with the demons of her past, Mariel begins cycling through Chicago to the city’s lakefront, experiencing moments of near-death with a sixteen-wheeler and at the hands of city street gangs, as well as humor and spiritual insight along the way. In Shifting into 9th Gear, Mariel shares her uplifting story about how she overcame depression and despair to become a happy, functioning human being ready to help others. Now she shares the lessons she learned, and provides insights for readers into their own lives through reflective questions and exercises. Mariel will show you how to:

• Take back your power

• Overcome a broken past

• Heal your life

• Go from victim to leader of your destiny

• Shift into designing your own life

• Seek your passions

• Find your soul purpose

Mariel’s story will penetrate into your skin, helping to reawaken you to the joy and purpose your life can have when you are willing to shift gears. Change can begin now with two simple choices: 1) To read this book. 2) To take its message to heart and start to take action. Mariel is here to help you on that journey.



“Grab the handle bars and take a journey with this courageous eighteen-year old as she leads the reader through gripping life transformations in the summer of 1986. Mariel prevails against dangers with street gangs and semi-trucks yet leads the reader to spiritual epiphany and unprecedented courage.” — Dr. Michael Gross, Author of The Spiritual Primer


“Mariel Maloney sends readers on a joyride filled with meaning, from moments of despair climbing uphill to feeling the exuberance of coasting when life is fun and all goes well. If you’re looking to shift gears in your own life, this dynamic book, which uses biking as a metaphor, will have you believing many more possibilities exist for your life than you imagined before.” — Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and Award-Winning Author of When Teddy Came to Town


“I loved Shifting into 9th Gear. We all need to shift parts of our lives at times. Mariel Maloney looks at the truths we discover when life sometimes makes us shift before we’re ready, and then she shows how we can all shift into riding with the wind at our back instead of against us.” — Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth and Stepping Into Your Becoming


“In Shifting into 9th Gear, Mariel Maloney reveals that we all have the power to change our lives and create our own destinies. From being a confused teenager, she discovered how to connect more closely to the Universe with a bicycle as her lifeline. Get ready for a wild and life-changing ride!” — Patrick Snow, Publishing Coach and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur


About the Author: 

MARIEL MALONEY has lived her whole life in the Chicagoland area. She is a single mother of seven and owns and operates a healing Pilates studio. She has been an active volunteer with needy children, school children, in her neighborhood, community, and in schools via coaching and teaching. Mariel has many lifelong passions, including cycling, kayaking, gardening, and being an artist. She intends to use this book’s proceeds to build and dedicate to her seven children an international healing center.